My problems.
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2002-01-04 03:49:23 (UTC)




Happiness to me
Is spending time with her.
I know it sounds dumb
Stupid and wrong,
But it's the truth.
Everything we do together
Is great in everyway imaginable.
No matter what it is,
It's always the absolute best.
No matter what it is that we do,
The stupidest things or the best things.
It's always perfect.
I guess I thought that thats what women wanted,
What they strived to find in life,
That special someone,
Who was always there for them,
Always there to make them laugh and smile.
But, I was wrong.
But my happiness lives on.




Why is life so unfair?
Why when I feel I found that someone
That I have a wonderful time with
That I feel as though we have a great thing
Isn't the same way on the otherside?
I guess thats what life is.
A bunch of disapointments.


Bad Boy


What is wrong with the world today?
Girls are obsessed with bad boys,
Guys that could give a shit!
Guys that are stupid!
Guys that smoke up!
Guys that are on complete power trips!
And not the guys that they should be with..
The guys that are nice...
The guys that are sensative...
The guys that make you laugh...
The guys that make you smile...
The guys that you have "real" good time with....
I don't know.. Maybe you can tell me...



Poems get my emotions out
For better of for worse.
You may not like what you read
But it's the absolute truth.
Poems are my only real way to explain
The sorrows and woes of my life.
No matter what happens
Poems will help it.
Maybe someday I will publish my poems,
To show the world what I've learned.
Maybe I'll aim it towards teenage girls,
Telling them the truth... The sad truth.
Poems help me say what I need to,
They help me through the hard times.
I am greatful they are here
They leave a record of where I've been,
Where I was,
And where I hope to be.
Thanks poem, for you are my friend.


Moving On

Tommarow will come
And a new day will be here soon.
Yesterday is now behind us
And those thoughts are stuck.
Think about them all ya want
They're there for good.
Can't change them,
Deal with the facts.
In time things may be different,
But for now, this is how it goes.
Moving on is a hard thing to do
But you can't live in the past.
Tommarow will come
And a new day will be here soon.

and a oldie but a goody...

Life is great
But not all is well.
Things could be better,
But I'm happy where I stand.

Fast and swift
The days move on.
Slow and steady
My life goes on.

Self pity is the only way to feel bad.
But if you thing good thoughts
And good thoughts alone
You will be happy for the rest of your days.

Things that make you smile,
Things that make you laugh,
Things that make you happy,
And not always sad.

Life is worth living
Or atleast I've come to find out
Be happy what you were given
Instead of worrying about what you don't got.

Do what you beleive is right in your heart,
And not always what others tell you.
They could be wrong,
But your heart... Will never fail you.


I wrote all these tonight... You may now why, you may
not. Everyone is new except for the last one.. It's my
personal favorite ;).