**Sticky Sweet**
2002-01-04 03:24:41 (UTC)

An intro to me... along with a first entry...

if you don't know me.. here's some things you might want to
know.. I'm 16*f*so cali. Single ;) I like to party, hang
out with friends, go to the beach, listen to music,
dirtbike, shop. I work at Ruby's (cute uniform! woo!) I'm
into all different kinds of music. not too into the pop
scene tho. i mostly like punk/rock and hip hop. my
favorite show would have to be umm.... well i guess it's
"just shoot me" or "friends" they both are really funny. i
don't have my liscence yet, i get it Jan 31 ( i hope! ) i
do have a car... it's the most 80's sportscar you could
think of! 2 seater... white... small... long front end...
woooo!! I go to Los Alamitos HS, i'd rather not attend
school, only a year and a half left.. yay! i can't wait. so
since i'm single.. i'm on the prowl... grrr... :) if your
hott and sexy IM me :) my aim sn is PrincessLeah1603
here's just a bunch of stuff about me for your info
**aim sn: PrincessLeah1603
**yahoo sn: stickysweetgrrl
**yahoo profile:
**face the jury sn: stickysweet8
**email: [email protected]
i think thats it... for now...
hey... yeah... soo.. this is my first entry! It's the day
after new years.
I'm at home, sick :( A hangover and a cold do NOT mix! Last
night was pretty fun. I think I might have made a total
fool of myself. One of my biggest pet peeves is people that
are annoying when they are drunk. I'm paranoid that i may
be one of those poor unfortunate souls that has such a
disorder of being extremely annoying when under the influence.
I went to Priscilla Van Trigt's party, it was pretty fun,
until the cops showed up. They are soo dumb! Okay.. yeah..
"lets make all these drunk teens drive home now, cuz they
can't stay here." What a great excuse for making people
drive drunk... just great!
I spent the night at Cassie's, woke up at 6am craving a
bottle of water. I was wide awake! at 6am!!! then i came
home at 7, took some nyquil, passed out until like 3pm.
that felt niiice :)
My room is soo nice now! i can't get over it. i'm totally
trying to fix it up. I would like to buy a DVD player,
surround sound, that mosquito net thing (black) to go over
my bed, curtains, posters (preferably Salvador Dali ones),
and stuff. Today i bought a lamp that has 3 different
lights in it. I bought a black light bulb, a red light bulb
and then just a white one. It's coooool, i luv it. My mom
asked me why i wanted a red light... haha, in the middle of
target i told her that i was a prostitute. i'm not really
one, but the people in the other isles probably overheard.
I think that i'll have to go to bed early tonite..
considering i have to work 9-4 tomarow, the next day, the
next day and the next day. then the day after that i have
school!! noooo!!! no me gusta escuela!! i've enjoyed my
break sooo much... grr... school needs to die. this is my
first night at home this break, these 2 weeks were
definately fun! well at least at school i can see that one
guy everyday... even tho he doesn't know who i am. he was
at priscilla's last night, i shoulda jumped on him. i don't
like him, i just think he's really cute.
Yeah, so PJ, my cousin's husband is going to jail for having
16 lbs of herb!!! and earlier that day he got rid of 400
lbs!! that is soooo much! He's supposed to go to jail for 10
years, but he spent 90,000$$ on some big shot mafia lawyer
from las vegas. so now he's just going to jail for 18
months. kinda sad. He has pet pirranahs!! they are soo
ugly and smell like crap. they are illegal. he's crazy
friday i get paid! yay!! i want to buy clothes.. fo sho. i
need new clothes soo bad.
so yeah.. i bet whoever is reading this thinks that it's
pretty boring.. well news for you buddy.. i'm doin this for
me. just kind of expressing my thoughts onto this so that i
can look back upon them in the future. more like making
memories or somethin.
Here's some good quotes i like...
*Im sweet as heaven hott as hell born 2 tease taught 2
please i'm sexy, guyz r fine i'll b 6 if u'll b 9 slut of da
year playa of the season ur b/f left u & im the reason so
watch ur backs make sum room b/c this lil princess is comin
*"abazaba.. you my only friend :)" -half baked
*"i know i should say no, its kinda hard when she's ready to go"
*13012N 2 13 13AD
*i may not be wilma flintstone, but i can make your bed rock!!