I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel
2002-01-04 03:17:09 (UTC)


Remember yesterday
Walking hand in hand
Remember sleepless nights
And endless days
I remember you

hehe- I can't wait for summer. I had so much fun during
break and I just love to be free. Its already seconds
semester, which means vice-versa, track, nice weather, and
maybe even prom! two of my best friends get to go, and i
hope i get to go to ours with um! Or just get to go- it
would be awesome. Carrie and Matatu finally hooked up, like
it should've been all along, but it kinda hurt Emily. We
are getting closer as far as friendship goes, and that
really makes me happy tho. I am so glad I met her! Tomorrow
is FRIDAY! YAY! I am so excited for the weekend, and just
for Friday night! We are all having a party over in Peoria
and skating which should be a blast. Girls night out (Kevin
and Matt included)! hehe- And god, I love those boys!

PS- Eric gets back Monday and I miss my little buddy so
much! He still hasn't seen my crazy hair. Jeff said at
lunch that it looked sexy and everybody kept coming over
and messing it up. lol- it was actually a good day tho- I
went to Mattie Ann's bball game with Mere, and now i'm home
listening to some new music. "I dont wanna miss a thing" by
New Found Glory is awesome! Well- I'm out! Love you all!
And always, a special hello to... prolly the only one who
reads this- Love you kevvy!