The land of unknown
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2002-01-04 01:50:37 (UTC)

And u cast me into the walls with hands...

Mood: Bah! nuf' said
Music: Anaesth 'Sol Y Niebla'

woohoo!!! i got my cd!!! IT KICKS ASS!!!!! even better
then i first expected. and also, it snowed. woohoo. just
enough so there was no school. and the same for
tomorrow. woohoo! it's been a while since i've seen
snow. i even drew a Vash the Stampede in the snow on
the windshield of our van. hehe. one thing that accured
to me, last time, it really felt like i was talking to myself.
by i don't mind. makes me feel like i have more
freedom. don't know why. oh well. hmm... that was my
day. how 'bout u....?

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