Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2002-01-04 01:47:20 (UTC)


Hey school started up again today, ugh! Yup, I hate it. But
that's okay cuz tomorrow's FRIDAY! lol. And then next week
is finals week so I probably won't write very much then, if
there is anyone who even reads this. But yah, it turns out
that I have a theme due tomorrow in English, and I have to
read like a whole book cuz I slacked off and only read a
few chapters when we were supposed to read it, and since
finals are coming, I better read it! Ya and tomorrow I have
a big spanish test, which I think completely sucks ass! I
mean, we have the final on wednesday, why have a test the
friday before too?!?! Oh well, stupid Sherwood is gunna be
gone soon anyways. But tonight was great, other than I ate
a complete hoss of food. I'm fine in the summer time and
during breaks and stuff, but when I'm in school, I get
really stressed, so I eat a lot. Which totally sucks. But
ya, I am having so much fun right now! I have become like
really good friends with a lot of people that I didn't even
know before this year! I love it! And tonight was great
because I found these new songs, I searched for Punk
Covers, and I found all these sweet ass songs! Like remakes
of old and even new slower songs, turned punk! And since
I'm a complete PUNK LOVER! I had to get em, and I am so
walkin in the clouds right now cuz I love this music! I
think that tomorrow Becca is going to spend the night here,
which will be awesome fun cuz we'll prolly just sit around
and be stupid and play the games and talk the whole night.
But I still can't wait, I'ma see if I can have Kara Jo too
cuz we had way TOO much fun on New Years. But I guess we
didn't have TOO much fun, because I was talking to my
friend Kendon today, and he said that a party isn't fun
unless you can't remember it. lol. Oh man, in PE today, we
had the weirdest conversation. Me Becca Jimi and Brian
talked the whole class time about getting drunk and high
and stoned and everything else. So hilarious. They found
out the code to get into my house, so they SAY they are
going to just come in sometime when it's really late, and
wake me up and we can party. haha. Ya, it was great though.

I'm really pretty worried about my finals tho. Which either
means that I won't eat at all next week, or I will eat way
TOO much! I don't know which I would rather have. But ya, I
prolly wil end up not eating at all. But yah, in order to
get an A in biology I have to like seriously ace the final.
If I don't get like a 99 or 100 I think that I will get an
A- in the class, because first semester I was stupid, and I
completely slacked off, like I usually do, and got a 90 A-,
hopefully this won't ruin me. But Becca takes it on
Tuesday, and I don't take it until Thursday, so she's going
to help me study for it. But ya, in English, which I'm
super worried about, I think that I will prolly do okay,
but I have a hoss of reading to do for this weekend. I have
to read like half of the book The Odyssey!! But we can have
one 3x5 notecard to take to the final with us. I'm going to
put lots of flaps on my notecard!!! lol. Ima have like
every character and all these quotes and all that jazz!
Hopefully I will do good on that one, because last semester
I got a 92.7 A- in that class, so I have to get like at
least a 96 or something like that to have a chance at an A
instead of an A-. This probably sounds super stupid to a
lot of you, but my grades are all I have to get out of this
place. And I really wanna go to an Ivy League school, like
Purdue or Princeton or something really good like that.
Kara is going to go with me because we both like wanna do
basically the same things. My other finals I'm not too
worried about, I have to go over old spanish vocab, and
math, pssh I'm not worried at all I have like a 105 in
there and I dont even try! It's my good subject. PE, posh,
thats gunna be a breeze, its gay as hell that we even have
to take a final in there. And then 5th hour, I just have a
study hall, so when everyone else is taking that final, I
get to go home, but most likely I will just go to the IMC
and try to get some homework stuff done. BUT next Friday we
don't have school again so that is totally awesome. And
then the next friday, is snowball, which BTW i am totally
psyched for.

Oh man, now I'm totally loaded down for the weekend. I have
to like study my ass off, read english, make the notecard,
STUDY, and now I have to make these stupid mathematician
card things for math, which is gunna take me like forever!
And knowing Mr. Reed, he will give us like homework out the
wazoo too! Yup, so I guess I will just have to work all
that stuff in with my social plans too, which means guess
what? Who's not gunna get any sleep this weekend! ME! But
ya, just to make sure that I can stay awake, I'll prolly go
and buy like a latte every night from the Sip at like 9 or
10, cuz I got one at 7 the other night, and I couldn't fall
asleep til like 4 AM, so hopefully I will be okay and be
able to stay awake to study cuz I have a lot to do! Or I
could just get some speed, no j/k that stuff would totally
wire me for like the whole week! And my sister would
totally kick my ass if she found out.

Okay, well I guess I'm prolly boring hte heck outta anyone
who's still reading this.....if anyone is.....I will try to
write again soon!

Love ya'll and Godbless!