Baby Story
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2002-01-04 01:45:02 (UTC)

14 wks 2 days

What an amazing New Years. I have to say that I am glad
the holidays are over. Less than 6 months before baby is
here now!!! I spent New Years with my Parents, Brother,
his gf Marty, and Nelson. We played Balderdash, ate yummy
food, and relaxed. It was just what I needed. Planning on
making a trip to visit my father in a week or so to
celebrate Christmas with him. That ought to be fun. Nels
started to look for apartments, and I have started to look
for a second job until the baby arrives to supplement my
savings and income.

Cought a bug over the holidays, and no sooner than when I
returned home did I start to feel yucky! Still not feeling
well, and trying not to take too much medicine... I know,
Im a worry-wort, but want to do Everything right!!! Doc
says I can take Sudafed and Tylenol Cold, so thats what Im
doing, occassionally. Poor Nelson has cought it also. Its
no fun when we are both sick, because theres no one to wait
on the other...hehe. He is still spoiling me rotten.
makes me feel bad sometimes.

Still excited to be engaged to the love of my life. My
stomach seems to be growing. Can't wait to really feel the
baby move. Have a doc appt on Jan 15, and should hear the
heartbeat then!!! Then in Feb, Ill get an ultrasound, and
maybe find out the sex!

Well, enough for now, hope everyone is doing good in 2002!