Inside my mind
2002-01-04 01:27:20 (UTC)

Read this and tell me what you think

I worte this poem one night because I was bored n I had
just gotten off the internet. I guess it's self explanatory,
so read it and send me some feedback on what you guys think.
*I Secretly Love You*
I secretly love you
I love everything old & new
about you

I secretly love your brown hair
So soft and light
And your hazel eyes
So big and bright

I secretly love the way
You always know just what to say
When I'm mad or sad
You find a way to make me glad

I secretly love everything about you
Your smile, face, body, & even hair do
Even when you have your bad days
I'll still love you in every way

I secretly love your messages to me
They make me happy as can be
You always help me through everything
And your words always leave me smiling

I secretly love how you know
that I never want you to go
'Cause you're one of my best friends
I know I can trust 'til the end

I secretly love how you know
This poem is about you so
My love for you is no longer
A secret to you.

January 1, 2002 Courtney **********