My Spiritual Realm
2002-01-04 01:20:48 (UTC)

What a difference a day makes.

Sound cliché? Although that's true.. it is.

I'm feeling a bit better, today. I've had an clear, good
ear out for God lately, and I've been more intent on
listening to the messages he needs to relay to me. I am
content in what I've found, I only hope he reveals more.

The joys of college and school creep up on me, and remind me
why I put so much hard work into my grades. Why am I
scholarly? To be accepted to a good college. My mother has
one in mind, and I'm starting to think she has a good idea..

She had one of those crazy ideas this last fall. It didn't
work out quite how she had envisioned it, but it did have
positive subsequent effects. Because of her strong will for
me to join a Christian Youth group, as I opposed it, I
instead opted to go to church services on Sunday, instead.
I enjoy this so much more so. The 'non-denomination' aspect
brings me much joy, as I know, I sit and listen to the
teachings of Jesus, not one's biased, narrow view on his or
her own perspective of religion.

*sigh* I am too content with one person. How can this be?

What a difference a day makes. My attitude, my
conversations, my strong will, my prayers. They have all
benefited me today, with God's help.

I was enlightened yesterday, for the one closest to me at
this moment commented,

"I am almost to the point now, where I don't think I can
live my life without God. In part, because of you."

How grand it is to think that I have done my job in teaching
others about Jesus. How joyful I am that someone else can
experience God's wondrous love.

I'm a Jesus freak, I know it:P

I leave in a state of bliss, for I bask in the thought that
He is always with me.