2000-10-11 13:01:00 (UTC)

this dude I know been bitchin..

this dude I know been bitchin' about my lack og entries to his
eminent online diary - well, a few words to my dear old saggy diary!

Yesterday -work
Today - work
Last week - work
Next week - work
Last year - work
Next year - work

My gets' and "hello - why the fuck?"

gets': sex - smoke - blow (just kiddin') - tense neck - status -
debt (hmm) - rage (yup!)

"Hello - why the fuck?": just said it, hello, can't you read
sideways, it's all about shit happenin' around, just don't want to
bother anymore - killin' on the CS battlefield releases the stress.

Gotta go - stuff to do