2002-01-04 00:21:09 (UTC)

Nothing Exciting

John told me there might be a call from work this morning
while he slept, asking him to come in early. He couldn't go
in again until 3 p.m., as the law requires he has a straight
eight hours off, but he told me if the call came in early to
tell them he'd be there. They never called though.

The boys brought in the rest of the firewood that was in the
pickup bed this afternoon and just in time too! It began
sprinkling almost as soon as they were finished. The cats
decided to come in too but no cuddles for them! They're too

Gavin went to the movies with Dan this afternoon.

I knew I'd forgotten something when I was listing the quilts
I wanted to make. (Okay, okay. I know I said I wasn't going
to make lists but I did it anyway.) I forgot the placemats!
My idea was just to make two of each to begin with and then,
when I had more time (ha!), I'd make four more so everyone
could have one. For winter I wanted to use snowmen,
snowflakes, mittens, sleds, moons, and stars--not all of
these on one placemat, of course.

My other categories are
Valentine's Day--hearts, angels, cherries
Spring --chickens, rabbits and carrots,
daffodils,umbrellas, ducks, farmhouses
Summer-- baskets, flowers, skeps and bees,
sunflowers, crows, shooting stars
Autumn-- school houses, alphabets, turkeys, acorns,
squirrels, wild geese, oak leaves
President's Day/Flag Day/ Fourth of July--Lady
Liberty, Uncle Sam, flags, eagles, log
Halloween--pumpkins, black cats, bittersweet,
corn stalks
Christmas--Christmas trees, candy canes, holly,
Santa, and nutcrackers.

Let's see. That's six times eight designs. That's 48
placemats! Maybe this isn't such a great plan. I'm going to
have to think about this some more.

I did a little laundry, a few little chores around the
house, and a little quilting today. Nothing exciting, but
that's fine with me.