It smells like poop over here
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2002-01-04 00:18:56 (UTC)

this somber state is getting old,

i never do what i am told. that's mest, "cadillac".
recommended by robin. im gonna chill with her tomorrow.
kinda sucks cause i have to get up early, but i can sleep
some other time, i wanna see my friend that i haven't seen
in like 2 years. she's stayin out in dearborn, which is
where i go to school, so i sorta know my way around there.
i think im gettin sick htough, but it might just be lack of
sleep. i chilled with giulia until like 12, and got up
early, so i haven't been gettin a whole lot of Z's lately.
i saw travis's mom yesterday, at ram's horn...with another
guy! i was like, "dude, that's travis's mom!" she talked to
us for a few minutes, but i don't think she's cheating on
t's dad. i should probably call that kid, i haven't talked
to him in like 6 months, and he had a collapsed lung awhile
ago from smoking too much pot. dumbass that he is.
i think im gonna call up vanessa, i was really really good
friends with her. jesus h, love sucks. screws everything
up. i lost like...4 or 5 friends, only 2 that i can think
of, only one i want back, that vanessa. i guess i wouldn't
mind being friends with joe h, but no loss for me either
way, i guess. only thing is, if i call vanessa, she might
not wanna talk to me, so id need an excuse to even call
her. if she wants to be friends, i could just be like, "i
just wanted to be friends again too" but if she's pissed at
me, i could say, "look, robin is in town and i just wanted
to see if you wanted to call her or something." whatever. i
dont' have anything to lose, and i won't have to wonder
what she thinks about me. im guessing nothin, and she won't
really care. ok, ill be honest from the past few years of
denial. i did like vanessa, i would have gone out with her
and i would now. if i only knew that she liked me before.
and didn't have a bf, which she pretty much always did.
she's been with this dude rich (lives in florida) form like
4 years. but yes, to everyone who knows me, finally, yes, i
liked vanessa. loved her is a different issue, i dont'
think i did. but whatever, love sucks.
i think im gonna call marta too, she's all about being
hot. i don't think i should date her though, my told me not
to date andrea, but i didn't listen. so i think ill listen
to em now, and not date marta. doesn't mean i can't chill
with her though. im done spilling my guts for today, later


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