Book of Shadow and Light
2002-01-03 23:34:38 (UTC)

And So It Begins

I sit here this chilly, January, day in my room in my house
at Monticello, Delhi, Epps--Whatever!-- and I feel… lost,
one might say. I am two days into the ‘new’ year and I
realize finally that I don’t really see anything new about
it. The only difference that I foresee at this moment is
the same difference that was experienced the year of 2001.
That number was the only difference and the only difference
this year is the number 2002. I will struggle for the
first few days of school to write 2002 and will forget
often, but it will eventually become something that I grow
very accustomed too. That comfortable habit will be the
only change for the some-odd seven billion people in this
world. Drastic things will happen, but nothing that
willn’t be suspected. Sure, some might say that the events
of the now-titled 9-11 were a mark of extreme change, but I
think not. They were, of course, a source of great sadness
to many and these monstrous acts are surely justly avenged,
but these things have always happened. . In my opinion
last year, every bit of last year, was extremely mundane.
I feel the same about this year, already. The world, as I
see it, is a mundane place. I feel no excitement about the
coming year. I will lose things and I will gain things,
just like last year. I will have great accomplishments,
and great failures, just like last year. Both the terrible
and the good will have their chance to reign upon the
world, just like last year. This is all good and well, but
I want it to change! Maybe the same basic things, but
different. One of my gifts—never mind my horrible sentence
structuring in this entry—is to put things into words, but
I find myself unable to completely do so with this. I have
tried my best—I like to say that I have anyway—to do so.
As with many things, you'll likely have to be of like mind
wiht myself to understand what I'm attempting to get at,
but ah well.

I hope, I pray to the Goddess, that something—Good or Bad! —
will happen that will change this. I wish, truly, for only
good, but I feel the need for something to break this
dreadful mold of… sameness.

Oh, yea! I almost forgot! Happy New Year! Expect me to post
quite a bit. I'll TRY to make sense to someone other than
my self next time. And I plan to put what I had originally
meant for today... Something about ME. As it stands you
likely think I'm some lunatic. (Maybe, you're correct.)
Heh, that's a reason for you to look again.

'Till the 'Morrow
James (Drinin)

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