2002-01-03 23:34:04 (UTC)

new year

well, the new year has started and have i made any
resolutions? nope. i've decided to not do that anymore.
it's sooo upsetting, once you have, and haven't completed
any of them.

he's home. and, he's saying all the right things and doing
all the right things. we've talked and mulled some issues
over. and, i'm not sure what it is, but for some reason,
i'm really not into it. it isn't as if i don't love him, i
do! it's that part of me wants to have the freedom to date
other men. does that make sense? i guess, even though, i
know there isn't anyone as compatable as he is, i still
want to check it out. why is that? what's wrong with me?

k and d are very irrating! for some reason, they expected
us to do something with them this new years and when we
didn't, they became upset. and, k called denton and wow!
was she rude to his wife! if i was denton, i'd blow her
out of the water! to call a married man on new years eve
and then say "who the fuck is this!?", i can't see denton
helping her with the motorcycle. i can't see his wife
allowing denton to have anything to do with k! i
wouldn't. i guess i'm becoming a bit more unbending. is
that part of life and getting older?