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2002-01-03 23:32:03 (UTC)


I just took two Metabolife. It worked for me over the
summer...I'm gonna start taking those too. 2 one hour
before a meal. And the cool part about it is that my dad
uses them too, so he can buy them for me. I just want to
get more energy and eat and lose weight! And they do
really surpress your appetite. So I'm happy. I'm kinda
worried right now, cuz Jimmy was supposed to come over
after work, and he's about an hour late. I hope nothing
happened to him. And I hope he's where he's supposed to be
and not off with some girl. I know I shouldn't think like
that but how else am I supposed to think. Umm....I love
him and I trust him, but I'm not good enough for anyone to
stay faithful to. And I would never blame him either, I
would just have to hurt myself. Really bad. If he ever
hurt me I know it would be my fault. It always is, so who
else would I blame but myself. I don't know. I think I
would kill myself if I ever found out he so much kissed a
girl while he's with me. I'm thinking too much about