my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-03 23:11:51 (UTC)


well, it's the 3rd today. lol. and today is janet's b-day.
i went over and i gave her a birthday present. she loved
it. and i told her about my surgery, and she told me she'd
stop over and see me on tuesday. lol. and then i told her
spot died, so she said i could have a new rabbit if i
wanted one. and i'm like COOL! so i'm debating on which one
i want. i think i want a tri, but i also want my tort that
i hand tamed. too many to choose from. i'm probably gonna
go over there on saturday and see which one i like the
best. but i have to clean out spot's old cage before i put
a new rabbit in there. poor spot. he was about 7 or 8 years
old. pretty damn old for a rabbit if i say so myself...i'm
not as worried about my surgery as i was before, but i'm
still scared. i got some of my hw today, but i still have
more to get. tm is my last day at school. great, isnt it.
well not really. i still have hw to do for tm, and i want
tm to be good. ooooo and i gotta get brittany's fishy tm.
best write me a note. lol. i gotta go wash my knee. hehe.