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2002-01-03 22:45:28 (UTC)

Looong Day

Today... was a very long day
It was our first day back from christmas vacation 2001...
right now it is 2002 though. This kid that i like thinks i
like his best friend. So not cool. And then this kid that i
really really really like and have liked for like 2 years...
well he has a girlfriend and i want to go out with him so
bad! lol. HIs girlfriend has this really ugly thing that she
puts in her hair its like fake hair and i just wanna rip it
right out and its icky moo moo! hehehehe omg im going out
with this kid from texas! he is so fricken cute!i so luv the
kid. But the deal is becus we live in different states and
shit... we're allowing each other to date around... just as
long as we can still "be together" hhehe he;s so cute i
love him! but neways! I must be off ill chitter chatter


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