2002-01-03 22:40:16 (UTC)

oh god so wierd

everything is so wierd. The guy that likes me from perkins
was over on new years day (well late into the night) and he
asked me out. we have been sorta talking to eachother for
like, a week or two or something and it's just kind of
wierd. i said yes, as a result of a bad combination of
liking him, being really tired, and shocked, and not
knowing what the hell else to do... so yeah i said yes. and
i have all these wierd feelings now, like that was just way
to fast... i dont know him very well, i haven't even been
out on a date with him where other people weren't along
with us. it's so wierd, i don't feel like i have a
boyfriend. i'm not like majorly into him, i was like, in
the mentality of 'seeing someone' and now i'm still feeling
that way ... looking around etc.. .but it was like, oh just
so wierd.. cuz now i have a boyfriend who wants to be a
major part of my life, but i dont even know him and he
doesn't really know me!! this is so wierd
i wish things weren't like this