2002-01-03 22:38:24 (UTC)

Happy New Year

Hey eveybody. I'm back I know it's been forever but here I
am. Christmas was great. I met the rest of Aaron's famliy.
I got a necklace and earrings from him. I really wish I
would have gotten him something better than fog lights and
clothes. It's so hard to buy stuff for guys. They are too
picky sometimes. They love their cars though...

New Years was the best. I went over to his house and mom
and dad had a nice party planned for us and his brother
(Jarrod) and Jarrod's girlfriend (Angie). We missed the
New Year Times Square thing by two minutes because we were
mad at eachother but Jarrod brought up a good point that
It was after all last year we got into the fight so it was
dropped there. All I did was ignore him. No big deal.
I spent the night too. That was probably the worst night
of "sleep" tht I'll ever have.
NO stop right there honestly wedid nothing but sleep. His
parents checked every 5 minutes. Ok now that that is
clear. He is a violent sleeper. He punched me once and hit
me a few times. And he is a blanket pig. The worst of all
he wouldn't let me get up so I had to sit there and wait 4
hours. He didn't want me flirting with Jarrod. (Since you
know I do it all the time) according to Aaron.

Ok enough said. I saw 2 moviews too. Harry Potter which
turned out to be a very good movie unlike what I thought.
I saw Lord of the rings and it sucked sorry but come on at
least end the story. Other than that it was ok I guess.
I'm not going to read the book to find out. there will be
another movie next Christmas. I gotta go do some of that
fun homework junk. I'll be back an a few days or whenever.