Gina Babina

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2002-01-03 22:38:05 (UTC)



I miss Clayton & Steven! :( But Tina is making me feel
better, °Precious Failure° says: I LOVE YOU!!! heh, she's
soo sweet!!! Today i was SOO tired in school i could barely
keep my eyes open! Jessi wasnt there so i was sad! :*( Ryan
was absent too! (prolly skipping like usual)
Steven wrote me 3 emails and today when i got them i
was REALLY happy!! He's always soo sweet in them, i love
getting emails from him, but there not as good as when he
sings to me! HEH!!
My Mikey is sick now, so he wasnt in school today and i
bet he doesnt come for a few days! It's soo quiet in
digital photo class without him! He's a loud mouth but i
love him! lol
I have that huge project due in Mrs. Dengels class on
the 9th and if i dont have the rough draft done, i am gonna
fail that stupid class! GGRRR I hate her stupid assigments!
I failed that class the first 9 weeks and i bet money on it
that i fail it this 9 weeks! oh well though! Man i miss
Clayton, i hope i get to talk to him tonight cause i didnt
last night and i miss him! Welp i'm gonna bounce, my manson
is on tv, YAY, buh bye!!

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