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2002-01-03 22:31:28 (UTC)

back to school in 3 dayz :(

hey every one iam not ushally sorry to go back to
school,ecept this week cause ushally om monday i have to
skate church that night and thats what me and my friends
alwayz tyalk about that day and then on tuesday we go to
skate club at 8:15 tell 9:15and like we go to skate parks
and everything and then on wendsay two more dayz tel the
weekend thursday one more day tell schools over and then on
friday YES the weekend but this week we don't have skate
church this week we have it next week soo on monday it's
just going to be a boring day at school, and well i just
got an email from my friends over a sk8ter named geremy and
well he's an asshole she is trying to win him over me and i
told her to stayaway from him cause she tells me to stay
away from all of her guy friends or eles she will ahte me
and for once i say that and i guess she doesant care cause
she still trys to get with him, but ohh well he is just
going to use her anywayz but ohh well all the guyz that go
out with her use her ohh well it aint my loss anywayz in
have to go ok buh bye

thats my sk8ter name