Magic of Mascara
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2002-01-03 21:22:33 (UTC)

Three more days

Jeff is coming back in three days. I don't know if I'm
gonan go see him Sunday cause I can wait one more day. So
cool, he comes home Monday. I'm not even gonna have a car
togo see him since my moms being extremely uncool haha.

I was just talking to a friend of mine about senior week. I
felt old. I'm not a senior, I mean I'm gonna go anyway but
still. And when i logged on to this site, it had some of my
journals under 2002. Which is weird cause it still hasn't
hit me yet that it's January. Maybe cause I haven't had to
write it. Still, I'm gonna be 19 in March, and February is
creeping up like crazy and i have no boyfriend still. What
the hell am I gonna do on Valentine's Day/ Oh god I'm gonna
be so sad.

I might be going to meet this girl Jan that I met a while
ago online. She said something about this weekend. So far
Friday I'm drinking, Saturday I really don't have set
plans, except I need to look for a job, and Sunday I wanna
go visit my Gram and Jeff. But he's Monday so it's all
good. I gotta get my car fixed soon too before it leaks all
over the street, damn radiator. My 72's a piece of shit.

I should probably call delian sometime this weekend and see
if he's doing anything, it'd be nice to hang out with him

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