poisoned darkness
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2002-01-03 21:09:26 (UTC)

12 hours later

so, still no word from the ass hole. i know exactly how
the next conversation will go. and i don't like that. i
want him to know i'm sick of his shit. but its not like
i'll be able to tell him that. everything is walking on
glass for him. i'm going to consult my guru, my cousin.
he's a little more worldly, a little calmer, ok alot calmer
and he's got my laptop. he also has yet to call me back.
so. yeah. joyous. i'm not sure what to do about the
ass. he's not the most dependable but i know if theres an
emergency and he ansewers his phone he'd be there. if he
answered his phone. so. i'm off. we were supposed to go
to city club, but its not open on thursdays. so we're
going tomorrow. whatever. i'm not patient enough to type
right now.

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