trip to my brain
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2002-01-03 21:03:36 (UTC)

my new years weekend

my new years was ok just went to a bar nothin too exciting
but i did get extermely fucked up. and spent all my money
on stupid shit. oh yeah dale ernhart jr. was in the club i
work at last weekend but it figures it was on a day i
wasent working. next weekend i get to sepend $250 to spend
3 days in a fucking rehab that fuckin sucks ass but at
least ill be able to get my license back. somethins been
fucking wrong with my stomach for a few years but its been
gettin bad. i think im gonna fuckin die ineed to go to the
doctor but i have no insurance but i guess ill wait till i
puke up my intestines or my insides come outta my ass and
ill got to the emergency room. Well tommrow is my last free
weekend before rebhab but i gotta work all weekend maby ill
get lucky and get laid or somethin. ok im out

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