I Debbie...
2001-04-10 15:01:44 (UTC)

But Through The Clouds Comes A New Beginning

The other thing that I don't get is Jeff. The lead singer
from Cinderalla came into town last night to meet Jeff and
go storm chasing. He wasn't going to be there to meet him
and he was going to be staying at some hotel near the
airport. He didn't even have Brian go meet him. That is
pretty damn rude. Or heck even Kathyrine. This famous guy
takes time out of his busy schedule before he starts to tour
and Jeff can't be there to meet him. If I was the guy I
would take my ass on home and not go back. This isn't just
some flunky this is someone important. You know I just had a
funny thought. But first I must take a dump and get more
coffee. Okay are you ready for this one. Some of us have
seen the movies about extraterrestrials That is some long
word....well, The first time you go see a tornado it must do
something to the nearons in your head. It must give an
impulse or charge that you can only get when you see the
storm. And this gives you energy and "spark". And maybe
without it you are a tired grumpy bunch of stupid goo. I
just don't get the draw. Seriously, most people will hide
from it and this bunch of idiots thrive on seeing its
massive destruction and the damage it doues. Why would you
want to see the pain of these people time after time again.
It is so cosmically sad for people to loose all of their
possesions and sometimes their lives. If it was purely to go
out to warn people about impending danger then why do they
seem elated about seeing one. If it was just from knowing
that they were able to predict one than why do they have to
get so close to film it. I think that some paople, some real
sick individuals thrive on the discomfort of others just
like in the days of chariot races and seated amphitheatres.
It almost is it's own brand of S, if you think of it. They
even brag about the scratches on their car and bruises on
their backs from the hail. Like it is some kind of trophy. I
can see the thrill of prediction and knowing that you helped
save lives by the knowing, but then why do you have to go
interview people about what they saw and what happened. Let
the newspaper guys do that. That is what they get paid for.
I never realized how disgusted I am with what they do. But I
think it is a horrible waste of time. And I know that Brian
at least comes back horny from it. If I am up he comes in
with this stupid euphoric look on his face,like he just
increased his prick size by about a tenfold. And it isn't
like he gets any better. In fact he gets worse. I tried to
do it with him the one time and I about bit it off I was so
adversely affected. I got so pissed off I tried to fake my
orgasms,which I do very,very affectively, and he came and I
was relieved. All because of some wind that was created by
nature. But I got off on the wrong subject. It must do
something irreversable to your brain that you need to keep
feeding or you die. Emotionally anyway. I mean it would be
like every time I saw a sunset I felt orgasmic and the only
way I felt human was to see them always. Or lighthouses.
Talk about a huge phallic symbol. Oh my gosh,......that is
it. The tornado is in the shape of a huge "v" and comes to
the ground causing changes in air pressure(or does the air
pressure cause it?).Does he think that he is the tornado?
That about sums up the way he has sex. It sure leaves you
feeling like What in The Hell was THAT????? But anyway,
Jeff is weird and so is Brian. I will be curious to see what
becomes of the rock star. If he goes out or sees anything or
what. I would like to meet him actually. Well I had better
close for now. I Debbie