Shelly's Secret Diary
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2002-01-03 20:55:12 (UTC)

jan 4 01

Ok life is really shitty right now. I hate my life and i
hate howe everyone is favored in this damn house but me. NO
ONE understands me. My boyfriend that i truly love is
talking to another gurl behind my back. When he goes to
school they talk...And when he tells me about it he just
acts like its nothing and that i shouldnt care. Im tired of
it. He actws like he is the only damn one in this
relationship that should care. Sometimes he can be a royal
dick and others the best man in the world. I Love him and
he has to play a stupid ass joke that he knows is going to
hurt my feelings. Now he should know why i get so damn
upset with him. But i know this gay ass journal isnt going
to help....because i am still..SO MAD but ha if u have
comments on my writing tell me