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2001-04-10 14:23:13 (UTC)

~Untitled ~ N. Owens

I don't know what it is about this poem that I like so
much, but I got it in my email this morning and I really
like what it's saying. I thought I would share it with you
all too. It doesn't have a title either, but that's ok.

Questioning the sanity
of a lonely, mirthless grin
confuses those realities
that are not yet encased in sin

I`ve found that only the purest love
can mend a broken heart
and only the tears of an eyeless man
can cleanse the bleeding parts

Rolling in a bed of stars
reflecting off the sea
shows only the outline of myself
and not the flaws in me

An institution for the silent
screams that Lonely cries
will also house the decaying truth
that's hidden in your eyes.

Press your lips together
speak not another word
There is no secret I have known
that others haven't heard

Always pick your battles
and you will never lose
Injected master in my vein
I lost my right to choose.
~N. Owens~

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