random mumblings
2002-01-03 19:49:06 (UTC)

i try to set an example

so in 2002 i'm trying to set an example of what a good
friend should be and be less selfish. for instance, my
friend marc missed 2 days last week so i emailed him asking
him if everything was alright etc. i'm sure it was, but
i'm trying to set an example for people to check on me when
for instance i'm in the HOSPITAL!!!! :) then today i went
over to amanda's to scan some pictures in from first year
residence, which was FIVE YEARS AGO unbelievable... so i
scanned in like 15 pictures and sent them out to all the
people that i still talk to, you know being friendly-like.
there's some good pictures...angry craig where he got
thrown over a table at the keg party, pi pi pi pictures,
fat slimshady craig and thin kirk, kirk dressed as shaft,
etc. before i went over to scan, i called up amanda and
julie's place to say i was coming over, and julie answered
the phone and she was sick so i brought her over a can of
chicken soup, just because i'm trying to set an example
(there is a theme here). also, if i ever get sick, i want
people to bring me chicken soup and flat
gingerale...nothing ever makes you feel better than flat
gingerale. so i was supposed to go to a movie with MC
today, but she wasn't online so i tried to call her at home
and she was sick too. we had a nice chat for a while, and
then we agreed to hang out tomorrow. which is cool. so i
was stuck with no plans for today. so i called up lee and
jen and jen answered the phone and they're busy, but we
made plans to go swimming every friday (which is wicked
cause i love swimming and the more physical activity i get
the better) which is cool. i have to make an effort to
keep in touch with people because either a) everyone hates
me :) or b) people don't like to call. i was messenging
with my friend catherine and she's going away to mexico on
january 8 :( to do her bar thing or whatever for
lawyering. she's having a party this weekend in montréal
but dammit i can't go because i work. she's so nice. so
finally i gave my aunt and uncle a call and i'm gonna go
over there for dinner and give them their presents.

and the "song of the day" is a sad song, but i don't care
because i'm happy. it's "and so i died of a broken
heart". very poetic and nice song by zwan, which is billy
corgan's new band. billy rocks! their website is
http://www.zwanmusic.net i think the second verse is just

And So I Died Of A Broken Heart by ZWAN

if only i'd die
just once in my life
only try
to take a guess
to be the best
a feeling i hide,
that runs this world
that keeps up alive
i want you to climb with me

until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die

the heart of a child
is in your hands
so let's see you smile
cause i'm not impressed with you loneliness
it's been a while
since you forgave all your changes made
so lets count the miles together

until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die

if only i'd die
just once in this life
only try

until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die of a broken heart
a broken heart
until i die

:) happy new year everybody. oh! i scanned in some
pictures of myself, so here's a link to one
somebody yell out "why don't you and the laser get a
frickin' room" you had to see austin powers 2 to fully
understand :)

oh i almost forgot, i never said anything about new year's...me,
kevin, julie, amanda and kevin's friend who's name i can't remember
just went down to the royal oak. we had a good time, live band,
etc. and it went well until midnight...amanda tried to lean over the
table and give me a midnight kiss and she spilt beer over my crotch.
if that's not a sign from god i don't know what is (lol). then we got
back to pat and kev's place and i was kinda hammered, but kevin was
*plastered* because we were doing tequila shots etc. and he's a
lightweight, but anyways, pat came in from mark's place and was
hammered too and they started talking...and then yipping...and then
yelling...and then they were throwing rights at each other. i played
referee and broke it up but jesus. pat hit kevin in the head a
couple of times (i think kevin got smarter lol) and they both had
bruised knuckles and kev thought he broke his foot. he took it in to
get x-rayed and it was okay. i asked him what happened, did he kick
pat or something and he said no, i think the fat bastard stepped on
it. lol. what got pat fired up was that kevin went back over old
issues that bring up a fight regardless between the 3 of us and
defending my honor and said pat was a dick for what he did in the
amanda-pat thing, he also said things about the attempted 3-way
between pat, kevin and kev's old girlfriend (long story and no i'm
not going into it) and a bunch of other stuff, and they both said
stuff they didn't mean and they both got angry and started swinging.
sure beat's last year's new year's where i got lost, went to the
aloha room and then went to MC's :)