the joys of being dani
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2002-01-03 19:41:09 (UTC)

one ring to rule them all...

cant get that out of my head....i feel blessed that im one
of the people who has read the book as well so the nerdy
kids cant yell at me lol ... the movie was so so
good...ahhhhh im gonna call sean in a couple minutes to see
if he wants to go to burger king with me so we can get big
kids meals with toys...i swear if they give me elrond one
more time....grrr!

i talked to josh on the phone for two and a half hours last
nite....*ahhhhh* my phone bill is gonna kill me but i dont care...
lol....i dont know what im gonna do when
he gets

im listening to enya's memory of the trees right now....oh
god its so so good lol i hadnt listened to it in years but
i brought it back to the dorms with me a coupel days ago
and im real glad i did...

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