Lenore the fool

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2002-01-03 18:03:35 (UTC)

I'm sure now.

I know it now. I think I made a different decision than I
meant to. I don't think I love Dave. I think I just wanted
us to be back to better friends. Which worked but....See I
can't stop thinking about Trevor. I really like him. I'm
screwed now. I refuse to break up with him again I need to
figure out a way to either make me prefer him over Trevor or
get him to realize that we aren't doing well thus making him
breaking up with me. But I also think we have unfinished
bussiness that we need to do cause we never did. Maybe I'll
feel better about being with him after that. The big red
sign that tells me I'm not happy is i'm not telling anyone we
are back together and i sort of wish he wouldn't either. I
know I'm a bitch.


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