Sanity Online
2002-01-03 17:35:07 (UTC)

battle of the michaels

Mr. Wonderful Michael the Marine has made my life hell.
Well I take that back...he did. He's trying to now but I
just won't let him. I was such a bitch on the phone and
when I was at his apartment and damn did it feel oh-so-
good. Just to turn MY nose up this time and let him know
that I wasn't crying over him. When he made that smart
ass comment on the phone last night I wanted to strangle
him...I really did. I'm glad Mike (the other one) is
around too. I feel bad for him b/c he and his gf were
together for a long time but she sounds like a creep. We
should hook her and Dick up. HA! He even said tomorrow
night we're going to the quarter and to Whiskey Bar and
we're shaking our asses in front of him and I DARE Michael
to pick a fight. Oh even I'd beat the shit out of him.
Anyways, I really want to call Ryan. I dont know why I'm
so scared to talk to him. He probably thinks I'm a big
bitch b/c I haven't called yet....but he didn't call that
night when he said he was going to. Grrrr. I hate games
so much. At least I know Mike doesn't play them...he's
pretty blunt. But I don't want to get tied up in that
whole mess from high school all over again. Damn I just
want to graduate and move back down here and meet some new
peeps. The old high school crowd is just so damn boring.
They're kinda nerdy too so it kinda sucks going out. I
love going out with Julie and Jennifer b/c they're
fun...that night at House of Blues and the Quarter was one
of the best nights I've ever had. Even though it was
raining and we were so disgusting, it was AWESOME!!! Oh
well I'll just have to repeat it tomorrow night. Well,
gotta go to the eye doctor. I hate this shit but oh well,
get it over with. Lates