My New Goals for the Year
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2002-01-03 17:33:57 (UTC)

Well... things aren't starting off too badly.

Well, things aren't starting off for me too badly this
year. Things are also what we make of them.. :) But, on a
very positive note: I totally cleaned my kitchen last
night, cleaned out cabinets, draws, all sorts of stuff, and
tossed a ton of stuff I haven't seen or looked at in
months. I put away the new dishes I got for christmas
too :) So, now I'm all set for a rocking cooking year - or
so I hope anyway :)) hehe. I'm going to do the hallway
tonight, I think that maybe I should finish painting it
this weekend. It's only been a year since I started it.
SHEESH. Then I'm going to move the small display rack in
the kitchen to the hallway, toss a bunch of books I have
just sitting in that bookcase I'm not reading.. This will
allow me to clean up some of the stuff I have in the living
room. I'm getting rid of that rug I've had for a few
years - it is nasty and gross, and with my crappy vacuum
cleaner, I can't vacuum it properly.

Paul is attempting to be nice, though I'm still leary of
him. Anti-christ 1 and Bill, Anti-Christ 2 are two beings
to be afraid of. Though the darkside has it's appeal, it's
always best to stay away from it. I don't know why my
psyche gets attracted to people who don't want me, maybe
I'm just too scared of getting involved myself - who
knows. The lifestyle I'm leading isn't really doing it for
me, I don't think I was made for it. Some of it, yes.. but
other parts of it no. I'm just too emotional. I haven't
taken my zoloft in over a month - I'm actually not feeling
too bad either. I'm not angry or sad or depressed. I have
my times, but then who doesn't?

I'm hoping to start the gym next week - early early in the
morning. *groans* I hate the gym.. but once you make
something a habit, it's hard to break.