Sporty Tomboy

2002-01-03 17:30:08 (UTC)


ahhhhhhhhhhhh! thats all i can say for now to be all like
this is me and stuffs. well im here in the library again
cuz alicia finishing her testness and im gunna be like okay
going to lunch and eat yay when shes done! where is ashley?
she no here :( i miss ashley! i havent seen her in so long.
i came up here to see her :( well i cant do skool i want to
leave and be not here no more. yes well i also found out i
have another brother... were separated at birth i swear we
have everything in common right we even both wear girls
clothes. hehe. all i have to say to yaz is PUNK FOREVER
DOOD! SCORE! SWEETNESS! :-D hahah me gots a kiss from a
drag queen on new years. how kewl is that! lol... okay well
i have to say patti i love you! your so awesome! yes, my 3
foot wang is all for you ;) dont worry! i wont use it on
anybody else man! haha and your one of the bestest friends
a girl could ask for. and thanx emma for all the times in
programming man! lol its been veryyy interesting. html rox!
and i gotts to say alicia i know exactly how you feel and
hugs! and i got to meet your new boy before he
leaves!!!!!!!!! i must approve of him first ;) and patti
you too man haha! oh yes and mary i dont wanna match never
ever man. thats why im like not matchish today haha. well
alicia just finished her test so this is all i can write
for now. but i saved the way best for last ;) dru i love
you so much your the only one for me and nobody can ever
stop me from being with my romeo. im gunna take care of you
forever i promise. nobody could ever do anything to take
away how incredibly deeply in love with you i am. your so
purrfect :) and im sorry.

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee