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2002-01-03 17:09:09 (UTC)

So I am begining to be very..

So I am begining to be very desperate to get out of debt.I
have consolidated my bills into a monthly payment. But I
have new bills since then. When I was renting my house a
year ago I hooked up water and sewer and with a help from
an organization that contributes money to low income
people. By the time I moved and closed the account, I had
one bill left over. I had lost my job and couldn't pay it.
I called and told them my situation and and asked to make
payments as I couldn't pay it in full. I am a jobless
single mom with more than just this overdue bill to pay. So
I tried to add it to my bill consolidation loan. It wasn't
put into collections yet so they couldn't take it. Now it
is in collections and accumulating several hundred dollars
a month of fees for interest.
I am getting desperate. I am borrowing more money than I
can pay back each paycheck. I have no time to go to school
to better myself as I am working my ass off to catch up on
bills. I do not qualify for help from the state. I was
surfing a website and saw an advertisement for telephone
sex operators. $75 an hour..not to mention bonuses?? Am I
willing to put my morals at risk? Should I be doing this as
a mom? Its not like I am going to be doing it in front of
my daughter and she is too young to know what is going on
anyways. I want to get caught up on bills some what. I am
NOT making a career out of this by anymeans. I do have
dreams and asperations, I have plans. But right now I feel
like I am in a rut and need out, I need a boost. My
daughter will be in daycare out of the house while I do
this. I feel I am mputting my morals at risk but for a good
reason. I am not relying on a man to bail me out and I am
not blaming anyone but me. I am going to do this. I have
had phone sex before for fun and the men seemed to enjoy
it, why not get paied for it?? If I am asked by my daughter
when she is of age if I have ever done this I will not deny
it and I will tell her the truth. I will not condone this
yet not be a hypocrate...