My Life, My Problems
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2002-01-03 17:03:42 (UTC)

Hey Baby

Hey Cornelius. I don't know what to say accept that I miss
you so much. I look at your picture everday wishing that
you are going to walk right into that front door and say
hey. I want to accept the fact that you are gone but I
can't. I mean I feel you all the time around me. I see you
in my dreams. I see you in Kalyani room watching her sleep
and even sometimes see you laying next to me telling me
everything is alright, nothing is going to happen to our
family. I keep hearing your voice as I'm cooking. Telling
me that you don't want what Calandra wants. You want some
good food. Food with fat then you laugh as I give you my
crazy look. I really do need you now. I thought having my
parents around would help me out but it isn't. They are
causing more problems and giving me more stress. They are
trying to make me marry some jerk that I haven't seen since
I was twelve or younger. He is only trying to get married
because he gets money. I rather live without my family than
be married to some jerk and have them take away my babies.
They want to send them to a family that can't have babies
and I can only see them when they feel it is right. They
have lost their everlasting mind. Well baby I got to go. I
love you. Calandra loves you and Kalyani looks so much like
Love ya lot.Lol