2002-01-03 16:57:17 (UTC)

It s December 27th, I ve..

It's December 27th, I've finally come out from underneath my
blankets. I've smashed my clock radio into a million pieces,
and have decided to throw out all my lovey dovey crap music.
It's time to move on! I can't live w/ all the "I should
have's" in my head anymore, and I certainly can't stand to
feel one more regret. This will not be what takes me down,
I'm better than this. I will not smoke, I will not drink, I
will not turn to any form of addiction to solve my problems
anymore. I refuse to be addicted to anything! I'm going to
burn the clothes I have been living in for the past 3 days
and take a shower, wash my hair, drink some coffee and
.............. climb back underneath my blankets! damn it
all to hell....................

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