Evil Elvis
2002-01-03 13:43:40 (UTC)


So, it's the new year is it??? haven't posted anything on
here for ages, I've had so little to say recently. I just
feel pretty uninspired at the moment...it's not like
there's actually anything wrong with me, just that there's
nothing particularly great with me at the moment either.

I just feel a little numb to events that occur around me, I
don't seem to be able to care one way or another.

So what's been going on in the life of Dave then...well
it's been Xmas and New Year...was good to have some time
off work, even if I have returned today to discover that
everyone else in the whole of Scotland is off sick!!! GRRRR
I swear I am being taken for a mug by this place...and
what's worse is that I know it.

Have recently asked Maz out and she said yes!!! SHOCK
HORROR!!! True to form she'll probably hate me when we go
out, but I somehow doubt it. We've been talking for ages
and I never really noticed how much we had in common and
how much sense we talk to each other, even if it is in a
totally non-sensical way. We spoke a lot while I was off,
and duringa conversation the other night, something just
clicked in my head...She's really great, and has been a
good mate over the last number of months. We will see what
happens, even if nothing happens, she's a great lass and a
really good friend :)

HAHA!! See, now I feel better already...she always makes me