my so wicked life
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2002-01-03 11:07:33 (UTC)

just thought like that

46.6 kg
anorexia yes and still
size for clothers :36 before was 38...
wake up at 10.30 am
breakfast .no.

*im feel right now, vacation is close to be over we are
friday or thursday(dumno) and school gonna start this
glad this vacation seems to me so long...
my old sister isn't yet coming back from PARIS where she
spent her new eve but anyway she has to go home again
before to move in FINLAND for january so i will see her
*im thinking about my futur career i think to be a
photograph like JOE in \\\"MELROSE PLACE\\\"
anyway i think
take quiet good photos and i think im gifted for that even
my father says that but fuck i have to finish my years to
school and to be graduate fuck that seems the hells....
i gonna download some another photo on my website i will
see that...
*Ihave to go the dentist we get a letter because we are
obliged to go to see the dentist just 1 time by year and
that does kind of long time i didn't go there grrr i hate
this idea but i have to do that bloody thing
* im thinking about my boyfriend but just in superficial
way this time he wants i shave my ass no really its not a
joke but i have nothing for that or maybe yes but i don't
know should be weird to do that so can? that seems so
unatural but yep evrything to satisfied him?? anyway he
works now but i thik i can reach the gaol to have sex
several time so i will see that and gonna think about next
time i will call him
*my father \\\"quel con!\\\"
gonna go in town this afternoon its amazing even if i lose
money for my shoping i did yesterday i get a lot again
gonna buy a novel writting by a american girl who was
anorexia have to look for the tittle before hehe
*think i gonna phone to AURELIE she is very funny and
friendly and even if i can't see her we are still a lot of
thing to say and i can spend hundred of time to speak coze
we get a lot of thing in common and sometime the same brain
she is in the highschool closer than mine and she was in my
hisghschool junior before as well in the same music
hehe bye 4 now
try to be positiv!
don't know when i should be able to write in that diary
coze my father gonna to it and he called my by nickname and
i hate that! that why i said father \\\"quel
bye 4 now.....

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