The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
2002-01-03 09:56:14 (UTC)

Sorry for being so negletful

Damn, Sorry diary I just noticed how long it's been since I
wrote in you. I'll have to give you the short version of
what has been going on.

--Told someone something I shouldn't have people got mad at
me, people that I really care about. Then I got real mad
at myself and ran 3 miles straight. I ended up back at the
dorms almost not being able to breath. I got my heart rate
up to 220. I cried and I explained things to the people
and they weren't mad at me anymore.

--Got into a huge fight with a floormate. Hate her guts
now, and I'm going to make her life a living hell.

--My plans to go with ken to sc got totally fucked by my
parents. They just kinda added another thing to the reasons
my boyfriend hates my parents.

--I'm home from school, ahhh what a joy.(BTW i'm being

Well I guess that's pretty much up to date action. I just
got home from visiting ken, and come to find out my
sleeping area has been taken over by my mother. I hate
this bullshit, if they want me to fucking sleep here then
they should provide a fucking place. The wonder why I
don't want to be here well maybe one huge factor is that I
dont' have a place to sleep. When i'm at ken's I have a
nice soft place to sleep here if I like dont' claim my
fucking territory early it gets taken over and I have to
sleep on the floor. Ahh yes I love sleeping on the floor
waking up with a stiff back and neck it's wonderful. Makes
me want to stay here every night. Ken is going to be going
back to school on sunday. I'm going to miss him. I won't
really be able to see him cuz winter driving sux and
niether me nor him want to drive in nasty weather. I think
though if I had a car I might make the trip once or twice.
Seeing that my friday classes end at like 12 then i could
take my time to get down there. This semester is going to
suck. Anyways i have to go make the floor for me to sleep
on talk to you later.

Ms. Evil