Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-01-03 09:34:23 (UTC)

You're a slave to the money then you die....

All confused over work. Doob-cruising the backroads with
some friends tonight made me realise how little money I'm
making & how much I pay...I'm underpaid & I have a lot of
expenses. I drive 100km/day at least for work....gas isn't
cheap right now & I'm already over a year's limit in km on
my lease. I knew it would be a lot of driving. I agreed not
to have another job, which would supplement my income but
at the same time..with the hours I work there's no way I
could do it. I get plenty of time off...tomorrow for
example...there's tons of perks....the trip to BC, the
coat, random gifts they've given me out of the blue....
My mom keeps telling me to ask for a raise.....I dunno. I
think I'll wait till it's been a year & then ask for
weekends off in the summer (not looking forward to another
summer like the last one...stranded on a beautiful, faraway
island....nice but lonely). There's a few issues like
The thing is, I'm making so much less than my friends and
I'm the only one who's graduated college.....most of them
just started working straight outta high school in '98. I
just hope that one day I'll have some wonderful,
respectable, high-paying, challenging position somewhere
cool. Fat chance in my field but I can always start my own
business or be a director at a center. Who knows. I have
the potential, but do I have the motivation?
No point in stressing about it now, but it IS on my mind.
A year comes up this April. What happened to me? I used to
not give a shit about listen to me