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2002-01-03 08:36:56 (UTC)


I hang out with a pretty close-knit group of people.... so I thought
I'd describe all of my best friends.

~Alright, it's now May 9th. THought I'd add a little to this.

Caroline: She was my first great friend in Dallas, TX... I had a
class with her brother my sophomore year in highschool... and her
locker was under mine, so in talking to her brother, I began talking
to her as well... and we've been best friends ever since. We never
had a class together in highschool... but we just clicked over lunch
periods, eventually graduating together and being best friends since
the beginning. I really don't know what I'd do without the comfort
of knowing she's only a phone call away. Sometimes we go weeks
without chilling together, and it sucks really bad... she's so busy
with college and shit. I want her to be the friend I grow old with.
~this is my girl. always will be my girl. we are sisters.

Ashley: We never went to school together. We met while working at
hallmark. We're alike in many ways, but in even more ways, we're
different. She is one of my best friends, and I know I can always
depend on her. I don't think a day goes by that we don't see each
other, unless one of us is out of town. I imagine us being friends
for the rest of our lives.

Bill: Bill is my little brother, but also my confidante. Ever since
we were in elementary school, we always kinda stuck by each other.
We'd go to each other if our older brother was fucking with us, and
team up on him. We have definitely fought in our days... but never
anything that lasted over a few hours. We think alike a lot of the
times, and pretty much live the same lifestyle. Our friends think
it's pretty cool that we're so close. No one else has a relationship
with their sibling quite like the one Billy and I do.. Our minds are
identical, and in tune with each other. I think it's a pretty
perfect brother-sister relationship, if ya ask me.

~I'm nice to Bill's girlfriend now. She's still scared, but now if
she fucks up she'll never see it coming.

Toby: He is one of my newest close friends.. I could sit and talk to
Toby all day about nothing or everything. He's very very smart, and
our sense of humors are almost identical... except I think i have the
female version. He is always coming up with a new invention,
business, dream-house, concept or something... The way his mind works
amazes me. In his mind, he has the ability to conquer the world, and
I admire that in people. I've known him for just about 6 months, but
I'd say that in the past 2 or 3 months, I would like to say that
we've become good friends.. He may see things different, but I'm
pretty sure he'd agree. Our little group is fading out, and he is
one of the people that, if our friendship faded like some of the
others, I'd be pretty sad about it. The kid is a cool cat.

~Toby and I are still seeing eye to eye.

Hern: Oh man, what do i say about this guy... I've known him well
since 1998. He has surpassed being one of my friends, and even
though he's Bill's age... I've always considered him my big
brother... (but i call him baby brother.) He's the level headed one
of our group.. Our friendship is one that has faded a bit because of
certain people, but that does NOT fade my love for him. I WILL
know him and be friends with him for the rest of my life.. I can't
afford to lose such a great friend and mentor. He is a person that
anyone could look up to. So he's dating Natalie now... that is...
well, not such a good thing. I haven't talked to Aaron in atleast a
week.. He hasn't called me.. nothing.

~So Hern and I didn't talk for about 2.5 months... and then came my
birthday, where he showed up at my birthday party. We partied hard
for my 21st and the party hasn't stopped since. Natalie is almost
completely out of the picture, as i knew she would be. no worries.

Jon: This guy is such a nice one. He's so generous with everything,
and is always in a friendly mood. He's really sweet and genuine, and
he would do anything to help any of his friends.

~He only comes around once in a while now, but he's still a cool kid.

Jade and Josh: I've only known them for about a month, but i love
them and i hope we become great friends.

~That was a short lived friendship. They're good people and I wish
them and their baby Kalyn Olivia the best of luck in the world.

Chad: Chadwick is a goofy ass motherfucker and i love him for that, i
wish i could protect him like my baby brother, but i can't... but if
he ever needed me, i'd probably do just about anything for that kid.
He just needs better taste in girls.

~That's my C. Diddy. He's my sweetheart, and we will for sure be
friends for life.

Aaron Strickland: we were close for a while, but then not so
close.... i hope we can become close again someday, and if not...
atleast stay cool with each other like we are right now.

~He's such a hottie, and he's getting his shit together. Every time
i see him he asks for my number again. God bless him, and may his
goodness rub off on all of us.

Natalie: I hate you.
Joy: I want to bitch slap your shit-talkin face.
~ehhh she's alright. i'll be nice to her if she's around.

Molly: My best friend in St Louis. The only person in St Louis that
I've kept in touch with since i moved to Dallas. I love this girl
and she knows it.. and someday when we're rich, we're going to party
fucking hard together.

Kerri: My ATL girl. I miss this girl and She needs to come visit us
in texas, since we've already visited her in Atlanta. Love her.

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