My Thoughts and Dreams
2001-04-10 11:15:44 (UTC)

Momma, what is love?

How do you answer that? My 9 year old daughter asked me
that question last night. She had said that a little boy at
school had told her that he loved her. "Momma,he is not my
Daddy or my brother or any of my family. How do you love
someone?" Ok now is the time to take a deep breath and hold
on tight. You knew this day was coming, I told myself. I
just didn't expect it so soon. You knew that your little
girl would not stay little forever. So how do you answer a
question like that? I think one of the best explanations I
have ever heard of love I saw on the movie Practical Magic.
If you have seen this movie then you know what I am talking
about. It went something like this. Have you ever held your
arms out to the side and just spin and spin and spin in a
circle? Well, that's kinda what love is. It turns your
world upside down. It makes everything crazy. But if you
are not careful, if you do not keep your eyes fixed on
something, then you will lose your balance. You can't see
what's happening to you or the people around you. Ok I know
this is not verbatem but it is close. How do you explain
love? Is there one specific meaning for the word? Do any of
us truly know what love is? Love is the most wonderful
feeling in the world but also the most painful. It can give
you butterflies in your tummy, make your heart feel like it
is going to leap out of your chest from beating so quickly,
make you lose site of everything around you except for that
one person. But it can also hurt like nothing else in the
world. It can make you cry oceans of tears til you are
physically ill, make you feel like life is not worth living
anymore, turn you bitter. So is it better to love and feel
all of those wonderful feelings? Or is it safer to hold
back? Refuse to get close or let anyone else get close?
After all we all possess the characteristic of self
preservation, to protect ourselves, right? Well, I don't
know about you, but I would much rather take the chance on
love. Life is too short not to experience those butterflies
in the tummy. True love is when you ask yourself, "if I could look
into the future and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will
eventually break my heart, would I love you anyway?" If you
answer, "yes" to this question, then I think it is safe to say you
are in love.