The Nightshade Princess
2002-01-03 07:23:47 (UTC)

This has NOT been my week.....

This has NOT been my week... the new year has just
begun, yet I still feel the curse of last year digging
painfully into my flesh. I'm stuck at mother's house
practically until school begins again, though that is not
so long anymore, a few more days... I detest the thought
of entering the school system again. I feel my nocturnal
nature more fully now. I just don't sleep before 2:30-
4am... mother was upset with me for staying up that late
(early), but it felt right. My beloved and I cannot seem
to get together either... it's been a week or more since
I've seen him last, and every time we try to make plans,
something goes horribly wrong in very odd and unpredictable
ways... and sometimes the ways we are prevented from our
meetings ARE very predictable... but I shall go no further
on this subject, as I've just recently calmed myself. I
gave myself a sort of pedicure, re-painted my fingernails
(and toenails, of course), and put some mud masque on my
face. My back is hurting horribly, but there isn't much I
can do about that now, mother the massage therepist has
long gone to bed. I need to at least attempt sleep soon.
I have many stories from the times I've not written... my
dark-souled friend with red hair has come back into my life
with apparent full force, and I am baffled.
Far more baffling, my brother has spoken to father on
the telephone today... father wishes me home soon, and says
it is "dull" without me there. I laugh inwardly. I really
doubt he means such things. He's more than likely been
busy with other.... pursuits - to busy to notice I am not
around. He desires my presence?!?!?! That is highly
amusing. I've not even been gone for more than a few days -
5 at the most, but I am not certain. The nights all bleed
together here. At least there aren't ridiculous internet
limits at mother's house. I am allergic to her couch, it
is true.... Her pet lovebirds make my extremely sensitive
ears ring with pain, my brother and I clash almost nightly,
the beds are hard as rocks, and I have to bring my own
bedding, pillows included, but the internet is better. The
food is an improvement as well, but my mother forces me to
eat. I am being utterly serious... She forces me to eat
extra helpings of food, or else eat foods I feel I am too
full to eat. I swear my stomach has shrunk since I was 12
and eating everything that was given me... then having
snacks. I don't know how I managed such a slim figure
then.. but that does not matter. I must go now... LesTaT,
if you read this, I love you more than words can express.
I wish to see you tomorrow, and we will find a way to get
together... no one and nothing shall stop us.