lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-03 07:17:54 (UTC)

babies having babies

first off, it's according to meghan's
predictions, i only have 363 days to get pregnant...dun dun
dunnnnn...anyway yeah. that's not the point of this
entry. this is:

i cannot watch any more specials on babies being born. i
can't watch "a baby story" on tlc, even though i do every
day. ahh it's too special for me and it makes me
go, "awwwww, i wanna have a baby!!" and then i think of
the pain...and then i see the special moments between the
husband & the wife and then the cuuuuute kid, and i know it
would be worth then i get all mushy about the
miracle of life. yes i'm going to be one of those moms
that gushes about "the beauty of how God created sexual
human beings who can procreate and then this magical tiny
being comes into existence!!" ahh sadly it didn't take long
to make up that sentence. i am doomed.