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2002-01-03 07:17:52 (UTC)

January 3,2002 Back when things were easy!!!!

I had this best friend in tenth grade who was my very best
friend! We were always together! We went to school together
we talked about everything together, we were best friends!
I miss him, things were simply back in grade ten you know? I
could tell him anything but he couldn't tell me everything
he was holding a big secert and one day he told me and guess
what we are not friends any more you see he got a hold of my
dairy that I kept and still have and wrote in it about four
or five pages and letters he wrote to me expressing his
feelings well what I said to that is that I don't date
friends one because I don't plan on losing friends but he
really couldn't stay away and the result was we stop
speaking because it didn't go his way!

I can't express that thought that someone told me before
that men and women can't be just friends. I find that hard
to believe I have a lot of male friends and I think each is
different in there own way but just the thought of dating
any of them makes me ill. I look at them as brothers, how
could I destroy that....if you don't agree turn the table
around lets suppose I was gay would the same rules apply the
female friend? I think so. I know so.

I have many boyfriends and not one is a friend for good
reason I couldn't stand the thought of being replaced so why
would I add any sort of of sex and relationship into my
friends therefore Mike back in grade ten lost out on a great
friend and gain a enemy!

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