Emotional Fluctuations
2002-01-03 07:07:31 (UTC)

2001/02 Transition (or how a small gathering becam a full-blown party)

Well, it's the day after the day after and I still can't
believe how huge the party became. It started off as six
people. And by the time it was through... about 26 people
had come n my home, said HAPPY NEW YEAR! and had a blast.
It was a very eventful night as the drinking came under way
rather quickly. The first exciting party nonsense came
after a rousing game of "Friends!" (yes, like the tv show,
u know the 1 where the girls lost their apartment 2 the
guys). Well, there was no apt. change here the wager was of
a high school nature. The loser had to run from the house
to the corner of the street n their underwear. Well, it was
cold, dark and I was somewhat sad that the girls lost and
had 2 do this. :-) But not so sad that I 4got 2 videotape
their stunning achievement. It was really cool and the game
is very fun. Afterwards the night kind of stalled but
people kept coming and going so it was never a dull moment.
The coup de grace came when we put "The Sopranos" on the
PS2 and had 2 drink whenever any1 said "fuck" or any form
thereof. By the middle of the show we were all wasted. Oh,
I almost 4got, my friend's friend almost died. Well, not
really. She got drunk, started hyper-ventilating and
freaked out and wouldn't stop crying. This sent her n2 a
mild stroke and could have worsened but we had several
EMT's on hand (I keep em around 4 such occasions as well as
the babe factor, those guys r chick-magnets)she was ok. My
roomie got sick and I just had the most fun I could. Very
memorable and the party was a nice surprise.

2day, I saw Yesenia and everytime I c her I can't help but
b smitten by her very presence. I wrote a poem about her
and have another sitting on my mind just waiting 4 its turn
2 take the ride through my thoughts and flow from the
muscles that r n tune with the mind and linked
realistically 2 a pen that sends the words dripping on2
paper or keystrokes depending on my method of
interpretation. I'll keep u posted as 2 when that poem has
become a creation. Well, work was uneventful as usual and
not much happened afterwards. Points of Intrest... I slept
n my car at my friend's house because his roommates were 2
asleep 2 answer the door and he wasn't there... I still
have a crush on several women and they all know who they
r... Dana and myself have not engaged n sexual congress...
we were close however... Omar has been sent on journies 4
Donald Newkirk, Black Street Fighter, Dez Dickerson,
Automann, and a few other items of obscurity... Been
listening 2 the original music sampled by hip-hop artists
and it's really neat... and like Forrest Gump
said.. "That's all I have 2 say about that!"