2002-01-03 06:19:39 (UTC)

she said im not guna let this one go...

yeah so today sucked. another wasted day i slept all day
and caroline had to leave at 4 to go to work and she was
like "dont run around like a teenager take your medicine
and sleep so you'll get better" but what did i do? ignored
some more good advice and i ran around like a teenager and
it sucked.

we went to the mall with robin. that was only cool cus i
saw daniel (the nice guy at hot topic). claudia was guna
ask him to go get coffee with us and listen to all my
problems. he was wearing a straight edge shirt the other
day. i remember those days. hes real nice to me. i think
he digs me lol =) not so cute but a real nice guy. i miss
my sam=(

"Girls you've got to know when its time to turn the page"
yeah well i think its time to start shutting some whole
books. *slamming* them shut, at that. matt called me
today cus my parents want that keyboard back that he was
supposed to give back this summer. and he was like "can i
come to your house" and i was like can i just meet you
somewhere and he was like "whatever i'll just let CAROLINE
give it to you." i guess its good cus i dont have to see
him but he was a real asshole about it. whatever.

So i saw navin. i lost my credit card. and we went to
friendlys to get ice cream and we saw naomi when we were
pullng in and shes like "hey call me i'll call you.." yeah. i never
chilled with her over break after all.. that sucks.
when we went in. theres navin and jerry and
people i did not need to see. and i did really well NOT
freaking out. then we went to adam's to watch a movie.
gus called me all like upset and i was like what the fuck.
theres this show on with this lady that has every inch of
her body tattooed. with like masturbating frogs and shit.
thats why i dont watch tv. anyway then richard called all
like "wana party?" and i was like im at adams. so then he
shows up with DC and ROBIN and...... NAVIN! woo hoo i was
so pissed so pissed. i cant fucking believe i .... whatever
it was real bad. richard got in a car accident too. you
know. whatever. im going to bed. i have to work tomorrow
that makes me mad. and im over today and i need to sleep
and get better.