Visions Of Life
2002-01-03 06:03:05 (UTC)

Well.. There Goes My Dream.. *laughs* Fuck..

Okay.. I find some sort of school I want to go to.. Its a
school of chinese medicine.. Ive been interested in chinese
medicine for years and this school kicks ass.. So i
research it more.. To be accepted into the program I need 2
years of college or a RN degree.. Plus I need
recommendations, an essay, clean bill of physical and
emotional health and all of that.. No problem.. I look at
the tuition for a 7 semester course.. $25,000!!!!! Plus
another $5,000 for books and supplies!! Fuck!!! And they do
not accept financial aid!! They will give out a loan but
you need to put down a $1500 deposit and pay $500 a month!
Fuck that! Now I need to go find a sugar daddy.. Fuck..
Lol.. Back to the drawing board.. Again,.. another dream
shattered.. oh well.. life moves on..or something like