The many thoughts of Ann
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2002-01-03 05:37:37 (UTC)


well the cruise was alot of fun... after the cruise i went
to ottawa for christmas and saw my cousins which was real
nice! i love seeing all those ppl! i have been skiing and
it is REALLY nice to see all my ski friends again! u know..
this guy... matt thompson he is really nice and VERY
tempting. however i shall stay true to sonia! however hard
that may be! but he is SO nice! oh well at least i can have
a good guy friend :)! for once!!!!!! hurray!!! anyway i had
to babysit on new years so it wasn't that exciting but i
made 50 bucks! which is nice! i saw lord of the rings twice
while i was in collingwood! i saw it once with katie and
jen and once with matt and katie!! (yes i invited matt to
the moviesbut he is my FRIEND!!!) and i skied (well
matt boards) with matt all day on tuesday which was really
fun! he is SUCH as nice guy! and i have known him for
awhile but we never r3eally talk excpet for ski season...
he is a friend of the familys so he comes over alot too!!!!
i know very good....( think sonia thoughts) no no i DO love
sonia SO much!!! i am just no used to this whole Bi thing!
i mean i have thought about if she dumped me.. and i would
be sad but i dont know if i would be relieved either... i
just dont know... however i almost had a feelin she was
gonna dump me and it was NOT a good feeling it was a sad
feeling.. however it was a very pointless wrong feeling..
cuz she aint gonna dump me soon.... which is good... yes it
is good! man i miss her.. i am back home for a few days and
she cant do anything untill exams r done which is in like a
month! by the way on the 5th sonia and i will have been
together longer than 2 months! i say this cuz i dont know
when we really got together.. it was when we first kissed
but the first recording of that was like after we had
kissed more than once! and that was on nov 5th! so alls i
know that on the 5th of any month we have been together
LONGER than that! lol so yes almost longer than 2 months
and when exams are over it will be 3!!!! thats a long time
for me!!!
well gtg