emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-01-03 04:10:50 (UTC)

he lied.

all guys are dumb and i hate them all. i thought that he
would be different. obviously i was wrong. i thought to
myself 'ya know, maybe this is the one, and ill be happy
with him, and hopefully he wont brake my heart.." yea OK.
just...why am i so so stupid. damnit. i knew this would
happen. i knew it, because IM STUPID. i dont wanna break
up...i dont. i just took him for granted and messed things
up becuase i could. and now i cant and i want him to stay.
im sad. and im crying. but i hafta stop. alright, i cant.
this is horrible. of all days, it happens the day it

i hate this world we live in. its evil.

i hate him. i liked him so much too. so so much. and i was
happy with him, when he wasnt too busy listenin to what his
friends had to say.

god this sucks.

i want him to go away and never ever come back.

and theres no way i can be friends with this guy.

i have to go.



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