The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-01-03 04:05:21 (UTC)

You know where you stand in a hellhole

I've been very cranky apologies to anyone who

New Year's was OK...Christ knows I've done much worse. Me,
Nate and Dennis and Kira spent the brunt of it gettin'
sloshed at Connor's. Connor is an extraordinary drunk,
incidentally. I passed out on the couch. Plus I saw Jackie.
It turns out she DOESN'T hate me! Alright!

Chalk one up for Neurosis Boy!

Meanwhile, my moving into Joel's apartment (shit, did I
even mention that?) hit a small bump. Aerie's deal fell
through, so I'm not sure what happens now...she may swap
places with me. I don't think she'd hafta sign a lease at
good ole slummy 1001 Bardstown. I hope it works out. I'm
ready to live with people again, and get out of that
hellhole. Two years is too much for that place. Too small,
cold and weird for a growing boy like me.